As a fervent amateur psychologist, I’ve always been in awe of the vibrant and shifting landscapes of the mind. I’m captivated by the influence of what we can’t see – how the unseen energies of people, spaces and places affect how we perceive the world, and how this energy contributes to a complex and changing emotional topography.

I’ve discovered how making and exploring art can be a way of mapping and navigating these ‘interior landscapes.’

As I explore this psychological territory through colour, shape and line I find enigmatic, half-imagined forms, echoes of a dream or a childhood memory; abstract images moulded by thoughts, values, beliefs and experiences, as well as often reflecting the seen –or felt- environment.

My process is intuitive and meditative, an unfolding of thought in shape and colour.  To paraphrase Roy Lichtenstein, decisions are made at the end of my brush.

I seek a conscious relationship with my own Self through painting and a resolution of a piece often feels like a homecoming- yet to a place I’ve never been before; a celebration of the transience of our lives.


Spike Island Print Studio 2015-16

Becoming Artist Programme 2015-16

St Ives School of Painting 2017-18 (Porthmeor Programme)

Residency- Stiwdio Maelor, North Wales Feb/ March 2017

Solo Show- Harbour House Gallery, Kingsbridge April 2017

Group Show ‘She Spoke’- Ex Post Gallery, Prague May 2017

Porthmeor Programme Final Show- Penwith Gallery St Ives, March 2018

FAROpen Studios July 2018

Creates Gallery, Monmouth Autumn Show- Sept/ Oct 2018

RWA 166th Open Exhibition 2018 October/ November 2018

Bath Art Fair March 2019

RWA Friends’ Biennial Exhibition 2019

Fresh Art Fair Cheltenham April 2019

Group Show ‘Home’ Gallery at Home June 2019

Newlyn School of Art mentoring Programme January 2020-current