I’ve always been deeply introspective and observant, preoccupied with the vibrant, abstract, and ever-evolving landscape of my mind. This fascination extends to the unseen energies of people, places, and spaces, which shape our perception of reality. In my art, I navigate and map these “interior landscapes,” blending the seen with the unseen to explore our emotional and psychological terrains. 

My artistic process uses colour, shape, and texture to uncover enigmatic, half-imagined forms that echo dreams or distant childhood memories. These abstract images, influenced by our thoughts, values, beliefs, and experiences, often mirror the physical topography of our environment, creating a dialogue between our internal world and the external landscape. 

In my work, I probe the depths of ‘what lies beneath’—both psychologically and geographically. I investigate the interplay between experience and memory, the retained versus the eroded, crafting an inconstant mental panorama. This exploration often manifests in a collage-like technique, where disparate elements converge to form a cohesive whole. An implied landscape, perhaps rolling hills marked by sprawling, graffiti-like letters, initiates a conversation between tranquility and turmoil. 

My goal is to achieve a degree of abstraction that defies explicit interpretation, allowing viewers to infer geological metaphors—caverns, fault lines, and mineral seams—through the textured marks and surfaces of my work. This not only reflects the external world’s simplicity but also delves into how our personal behaviours, memories, and experiences resonate with the earth’s processes of erosion and deposition. 

My creative journey is intuitive and meditative, unfolding thought through shape and colour. Approaching the canvas, I let my thoughts guide each brushstroke, exploring uncharted territories of self-discovery. Painting thus becomes a means to connect consciously with my inner self, where the completion of a piece feels like a homecoming to a formerly unknown place. 

In essence, my art invites viewers into a contemplative exploration of the unseen forces shaping our perceptions, encouraging a deeper reflection on the intricate interplay between memory, experience, and the natural landscape. 



Spike Island Print Studio One Year Programme 2015-16

Becoming Artist Programme 2015-16

St Ives School of Painting Porthmeor Programme 2017-18

Residency- Stiwdio Maelor, North Wales Feb/ March 2017

‘Energy, Space, Place’ Solo Show- Harbour House Gallery,

Kingsbridge April 2017

Group Show ‘She Spoke’- Ex Post Gallery, Prague May 2017

Porthmeor Programme Final Show-

Penwith Gallery St Ives, March 2018

FAROpen Studios July 2018

Creates Gallery, Monmouth Autumn Show- Sept/ Oct 2018

RWA 166th Open Exhibition 2018 October/ November 2018

Bath Art Fair March 2019

RWA Friends’ Biennial Exhibition 2019

Fresh Art Fair Cheltenham April 2019

Group Show ‘Home’ Gallery at Home, Usk, June 2019

‘Underland’ Solo Show, Gallery at Home, Usk June 2020

Newlyn School of Art mentoring Programme January 2020-June 2021

‘Pandemonium’ Final Show, PZ Gallery, Penzance June 2021

‘Pop Up’ Gallery at Home, Usk, September 2021

‘Earthly Delights’ Group Show, Gallery at Home October 2021

Residency; Unstable Monuments, Bristol Mag. Court February 2022

‘Unstable Monuments’ Bristol Magistrates Court April 2022

‘Rapture’ Group Show, Tremenheere, June 2023

‘A Pretty Lie’ Solo Show, Gallery at Home, Usk , October 2023

St Ives Society of Artists Winter Show Nov/ Dec 2023

Penwith Associates Exhibition February 2024

‘Driven to Abstraction’ Prime Women Artist group show March 2024

RWA Artist Network Member; Ongoing

Penwith Gallery Associate; Ongoing