“A seeker of quiet spaces in a busy world, Maryanne is an ambassador for positivity, compassion and empathy in the art world and beyond. With successful careers in Garden Design and Portrait Photography behind her, she now writes and paints full time and lives and works in her family’s homeland, West Cornwall.”


My journey into painting started after years spent in diverse but interconnected fields, each of which has shaped who I am and how I see the world. These experiences have been crucial in shaping my approach to art. Studying geography and the environment taught me to observe the physical world in detail, while qualifying and working in garden and landscape design brought an appreciation for structure, colour and beauty. Working as a professional photographer honed my eye for composition and detail, and studying positive psychology introduced me to the complexities of human emotions and experiences.

Now, with painting, I’m bringing all these parts of my past together. This transition to art has been a significant shift for me, but it feels right. Following a rollercoaster of life transitions including marriage breakup, bereavement and relocation to Cornwall, painting has become a way to express the complexity of my experiences; more than just a creative outlet, it’s a culmination of everything I’ve learned and lived. As I continue to paint, I see it as a way of connecting with and understanding my past, while also exploring new possibilities and perspectives on the future.

“Her fundamental work is deep self-knowledge, an ongoing process that continually strengthens her inner resilience, empathy, and capacity to give. Painting is the tool she has found to enable her to do this.” Dr Victoria Powell